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the workers union
the workers union

The Workers’ Union is campaigning for a Brexit that

  • Preserves the existing rights and benefits of the UK’s workforce
  • Ensures that existing obligations are respected
  • Delivers a fair deal for everyone.

Over the past few years Brexit has dominated the political agenda. We’ve heard plenty of noise from MPs about free trade agreements and border controls, but not enough about the consequences for hard-pressed families.

The truth is that while nobody can be 100 percent certain what’s going to happen, one thing’s for sure: the people of the United Kingdom did not vote for a deal that makes them worse off.

The Workers’ Union will continue to campaign for a Brexit that works for everyone – not just the privileged few. Our members are the backbone of this country’s success and we’ll fight to prevent any attack on their hard-won rights – now and in the future.

Our campaign

We’ve been speaking to employers and politicians about the need to transfer these existing protections into UK law. There’s a lot left to do, but with your support we can continue to

  • look after the interests of self-employed workers
  • hold to account employers who try to dodge their responsibilities towards migrant workers
  • petition government for an automatic right to remain for EU nationals working in the UK
  • make the voice of working people heard before, during and after we leave the EU.

The Workers’ Union does not and will not support any deal that leads to the wholesale destruction of health and safety at work, holiday pay, working time limits or environmental legislation. Join now and help us to stand up for your rights.

Know your rights

The UK’s current position as a member state of the EU means that employees are entitled to certain protections.

For example, the EU Working Time Directive grants workers 20 days’ annual paid leave and sets a limit to average weekly working hours

Get in touch

If your employer is trying to use Brexit as an excuse to alter your terms and conditions, then get in touch with us – we can help.

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