UK GOV Shut Down. The Workers Union Is Ready for Any Brexit Outcome

UK GOV Shut Down. The Workers Union Is Ready for Any Brexit Outcome

The Workers Union

The Workers Union

The Workers Union has announced that the organisation is ready for Brexit – whatever the outcome.

The general secretary’s “GET ON WITH IT” statement comes in response to the current situation in Parliament, where politicians of all stripes seem to be unable to come to a consensus. Today will see the government prorogued (shut down) until the 14th of October.

The latest developments have seen opposition parties rally round to force premier Boris Johnson to abandon no-deal as an option, with former ministers, such as ex-Cabinet Office supremo David Lidington, threatening dire consequences if the government pushes the crash-out button on the 31st of October. Does the prime minister have a “cunning plan”?

Speaking about recent events, Mr Mahoney, the general secretary, was in a very bullish mood: “Get on with it, the other 27 countries in the EU must be wondering what the hell has happened to the mother of all democracies. Since article 50 was triggered, our politicians have shown themselves to be incapable of delivering a solution that works for the people and the workers of this country. Would it be too much to suggest that clinging on to the levers of power has been more important than thinking about what can be done to make Brexit a success?

The Unions contention is that in the relentless political jostling that has accompanied the Brexit process, the resourcefulness and character of British workers has been largely forgotten: “Wherever we go from here, we need to be thinking in terms of protecting and enabling the greatest asset this country has: its workforce. What has happened, has happened, and now it’s time to focus on the future. History tells us that we’ve had our backs against the wall before, but thanks to the hard work, application and innovation of our workers, we’ve pulled through. That’s what we want to focus on, which is why we’re working round the clock to make sure that our union is ready to help, whatever the outcome of the negotiations” he said.

Mr Mahoney also pointed to the potential for renewal after the UK finally leaves the EU: “I think we’re at the stage where we need to ask ourselves whether we’re going to carry on with the debates or forge ahead regardless. I am deeply sympathetic to the remain argument, but I am also convinced that we can make leave work. So, if we don’t get a deal, let’s make it clear that it’s hardly the worst thing that can happen and back the hard-working people of these islands to do what they’ve always done – make our society successful and prosperous.”

Colin Mahoney

General Secretary

The Workers Union
Union House
111 Union Street
Coventry CV1 2NT

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