Workers Union Launches Bold New Event to Support Gig Workers

Workers Union Launches Bold New Event to Support Gig Workers

Workers Union Launches New Campaign to Support Gig Workers

Workers Union Launches New Campaign to Support Gig Workers

Workers Union Launches New Campaign to Support Gig Workers

The Workers Union is launching a bold new event to support people working in the gig economy.

The news comes as hail-a-ride company Uber await the outcome of their appeal against a 2018 decision which ruled that their drivers are entitled to workers’ rights. These include an hourly rate in line with the National Minimum Wage, and paid leave.

An employment tribunal delivered the original ruling back in 2016. Two Uber drivers – Yaseem Aslam and James Farrar – brought the case. Both men challenged the company over the lack of benefits and protections they provide to workers.

However, Uber continue to argue that their drivers are self-employed. If the Supreme Court agree, it would mean drivers are not entitled to the pay and protections contracted workers enjoy.

The Workers Union Says

The Workers Union Chief Spokesman, said:

‘This case might prove pivotal to the way the gig economy develops in the UK. Win their appeal, and its business as usual for Uber and co. Lose it and it opens the doors for potentially millions of pounds worth of compensation.’

Mr Morgan went on to say that the Government should be playing a greater role in supporting the low paid.

‘The real issue is that workers should not be relying on the judiciary to protect them from corporates. The Government is dragging its feet over implementing the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission. The LPC argued that compensating workers for cancelled shifts would help provide more control over their finances.

‘Despite this, Boris Johnson’s administration have yet to formally respond to the proposals.

‘Its clear that it’s a very difficult time for anyone who works in this sector of the economy. Hammering working people with uncertainty over shifts and a lack of good pay and benefits are rife. Let’s be clear – the much vaunted “flexibility” of this work is often a byword for offering a pitiful deal.

‘So what we’re saying is if society wants an “order now, get it now” culture, then let’s look after the people that make it possible. Gig workers have faced even more hardship thanks to Coronavirus. Some people have simply not received the help and support they need and are now struggling to keep their heads above water.’

Getting The Right Gig

The Workers Union is launching a new event to persuade the Government to deal with these issues. “Getting The Right Gig” will focus on three main areas:

1) Firstly, ensuring the government delivers on its promise to provide the “largest upgrade in workers’ rights in a generation”.

2) Secondly, events for the creation of an additional hardship fund for gig workers severely disadvantaged by Coronavirus;

3) And, thirdly, a ‘three week’ notice of shifts and a specifically tailored package of benefits to include enhanced payment for overtime.

The Workers Union believes we should look after vulnerable people whatever their circumstances. So join now and help us secure a better future for the working people of Britain.

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