Union Stands by Postal Workers

Union Stands by Postal Workers

Union Stands by Postal Workers

Union Stands by Postal Workers

Union Stands by Postal Workers

The Workers Union has issued a statement that reaffirms its commitment to standing by Britain’s beleaguered postal workers.

The announcement came after newspapers highlighted issues with mail deliveries in certain parts of the country. In reports filed as far back as August, some locals were reporting physical and mental exhaustion amongst staff unable to keep up with workload due to personnel shortages. More recent stories have seen areas such as Oxford and Northwich go without post, leaving angry residents waiting for bills, bank cards and shopping packages.

In a strongly-worded statement, a spokesperson for The Workers Union said: ‘Postal workers perform a vital function in our economy. As well as keeping us connected with postcards and letters, they deliver the packages we order from online stores. They do a tough job, in all weathers, and should be congratulated for it. Yet, as the public face of Royal Mail, they are often abused by those who consider it an affront to have to wait more than a day for their deliveries.

‘We would do well to remember that postal workers are people not automatons, and verbal and physical abuse has an impact on how they feel about themselves and those that they are trying to serve.’

The Workers Union Says…

The postal service, like the NHS, the emergency services and supermarkets, kept our country going through the dark days of COVID-induced lockdowns. In the last quarter of 2020 alone, Royal Mail delivered 496 million parcels – a 30 percent uplift on the same period in 2019. That this happened at all is a tribute to the hard work, the commitment and the bravery of postal workers everywhere. They did not falter when the pressure was on, and we should be unstinting in our praise for them.

It makes it all the more troubling, then, that postal staff often get the soiled end of the stick when it comes to customer complaints. Yes, they are the public face of the organisation, and, as such, are an easy target for would be aggressors. But to abuse people because of delays that can often be traced back to under resourced sorting offices, is in the same category as abusing healthcare workers because there aren’t enough hospital beds. It achieves nothing and only serves to heap stress and misery upon the people who are trying their level best to provide a good service.

The bottom line is that our culture is one of instant gratification and when something doesn’t work, all hell breaks loose. This cannot go on unchallenged.

This time we must stop blaming the messenger, for good.

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