Union Salutes British Workers as Economy Recovers

Union Salutes British Workers as Economy Recovers

Union Salutes British Workers

Union Salutes British Workers

Union Salutes British Workers

The Workers Union is raising a salute to British workers as the country’s economy recovers.

The announcement comes after the EY ITEM Club said that the UK is set for the strongest annual growth since the Second World War.

Their report also predicts that the UK’s economy will bounce back to pre-COVID levels of activity by April 2022 – a projection that trounces previously published figures by 12 weeks.

EY ITEM Club’s forecast was also echoed by US banking giants Goldman Sachs, who estimate that Britain’s gross domestic product (GDP) will increase by nearly 8 percent in 2021.

The news will come as a welcome boost to businesses and consumers alike, both of which endured a torrid 2020. In fact, last year saw economic activity plunge to its lowest level since the 18th century – a slump attributed to the ‘Great Frost’ of 1709.

Last year’s drop in GDP was also the biggest since records began back in the 1940s.

The Workers Union on British Workers

When the prophets of doom only saw black clouds on the horizon, British workers did not falter in their application or commitment. NHS staff went to work and faced-off against the world’s microscopic assailant without complaint. The people who help run important utilities and essential businesses kept calm and carried on. And now, as the economy starts to reopen, balance sheets are on the up as the public grasps at freedoms long denied them.

Many people said that this was not possible. That Britain was choking on the dust of the Brexit explosion, ready to lie down and be kicked into submission by Corona. But they reckoned without the genius, the attitude and the hard work of British people.

So when the EY ITEM Club and Goldman Sachs predict growth, it represents a victory for working people. When shops open, businesses flourish and optimism returns, it’s a victory for working people.

For it is you and those like you that have made all this possible…and we will stand four square with you, now and in the future.

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