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Workers Health And Safety

Employers have a fundamental duty of care towards their staff. This means they must protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who may be exposed to risks arising from work-related activities.

The Workers Union is here to defend your right to health and safety at work. If you’ve had an accident in the workplace or you’re worried and just want some expert advice, join our family and get protected now.

It doesn’t matter whether your employed in a warehouse, on the frontline of the NHS, in a shop or whether you’re working with computers in an office. The Workers Union is here for you, whoever you are and wherever you work.

How Does This Work?

We know that you haven’t got time to pump “health and safety on a computer” or “what are my rights at work” into Google: you just want answers and you want them now.

With The Workers Union you’re only a few swipes away from the information you need. When you join us as a paid member, you’ll get access to your own personal dashboard. From here you’ll be able contact our team of experts without hanging around on the phone, waiting for a Casio concerto to finish before someone finally decides to answer your call.

This is the modern way of connecting working people to the help, advice and guidance that they need.

So if you want

  • to know where you stand if you’ve had an accident in the workplace
  • some advice if you think your employer is failing in their duty to follow health and safety rules
  • some guidance about the ways in which the Health and Safety Executive defines a lone worker

join the Workers Union and contact our experts today.

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