Low Income

Low Income

The Workers Union believes that working people are the beating heart of this country’s success. Our world-class reputation as a trading nation is a reflection of the ingenuity, hard work and productivity of British workers – something that we should all be quick to celebrate.

 Yet many hard-working people are struggling on low wages. Globalisation, app-work culture, the COVID pandemic and rocketing inflation have seen wages fail to keep track with the cost of living. People are looking around, nervously checking their economic status with “what is classed as low income in UK” web searches, as they scrabble around for additional support from charities or look for a second job.

 The current National Living Wage is £9.50 an hour for workers over 23 years of age. It is not enough reward for their labours, nor does it help them to afford basic necessities.

We Need Urgent Action To Deal With This Problem.

The Workers Union supports a concerted attack on low wages. We believe in the ageless values of justice, social equality and tolerance, as well as a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. We believe that companies have a moral obligation to accept these principles and make them a fundamental part of the way they do business.

That means better benefits, better wages and better prospects for working people. It means paying a living wage, not just the minimum wage. It means going the extra mile to make workers feel valued.

 Of course what is considered a low income UK wide is dependent on the area of the country in question, but that does not mean that some regions should benefit while others are left behind. Workers all over this land deserve a pay rise, and they deserve one now.

 So if you want to join a modern organisation that fights for better wages, visit our Why Join page and see what we can offer you.

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