No Strike Policy

Policy Statement of The Workers Union

The Workers Union No Strike Policy

The Workers Union is a forward-thinking, progressive union, committed to providing equitable support for the modern workforce in an evolving work environment. Recognising the complexities of contemporary employment conditions, our approach is underpinned by a unique policy framework that sets us apart in the unionised landscape.

We are proud of our “NO STRIKE” policy, which facilitates uninterrupted operation of businesses, thereby fostering stability, and preventing potential disruption to essential services. Striking is traditionally used as a last resort to elicit concessions from employers; however, we believe that more can be achieved through strategic dialogue and negotiation, without the negative impact that strike action can often bring.

Our union is built on three core principles: Communication, Negotiation, and Resolution. These pillars encapsulate our commitment to ensure our members’ concerns are not only heard but addressed in a meaningful and effective way.

Firstly, Communication ensures that the views of every individual worker are valued and considered. We facilitate open dialogue between employees and employers, addressing grievances on a case-by-case basis, rather than via collective bargaining.

Secondly, Negotiation is at the heart of our approach. We actively engage to negotiate on behalf of our members, seeking balanced solutions that promote job satisfaction, employee wellbeing, and productivity.

Lastly, Resolution is our ultimate goal. We strive for the expedient resolution of any issues, conflicts, or disputes that arise, keeping the best interests of our members and their employers at heart.

Our distinctive approach of not employing collective bargaining is based on the recognition that in this modern era, employment contracts are no longer uniform across the board, even within the same organization. Thus, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer viable. Our targeted negotiation strategies are designed to accommodate the unique circumstances of each member, allowing for bespoke solutions to individual issues.

Our NO STRIKE policy brings manifold benefits to our members, their employers, the public, and the communities in which they live and work. Avoiding strike action prevents the potential fallout that strikes can create. It eliminates the risk of job loss, maintains income stability for employees, and ensures that services on which the public relies continue without disruption. For businesses, this policy offers the assurance of continuity and productivity, enabling them to plan and operate effectively.

In the broader context, our communities also benefit from this policy. Striking can often lead to community tension, public inconvenience, and a negative impact on local economies. By choosing negotiation and resolution over strike action, we uphold harmony within communities, and contribute to a healthy, resilient local economy.

The Workers Union stands independent and unaffiliated to the TUC, or any other politically motivated entity. Our focus is on our members, their rights, and their wellbeing. This autonomy allows us to act objectively and in the best interests of our members, free from political influence or agendas.

Moreover, we operate outside the confines of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Consolidation Act 1992, providing us with greater flexibility to innovate and adapt our strategies to the evolving world of work. We are not constrained by the traditional practices and regulations of older unions, enabling us to offer a more responsive, flexible, and personalised service.

In conclusion, The Workers Union represents a new paradigm shift in worker representation. Our modern, tailored approach, based on communication, negotiation, and resolution, ensures that we represent the diverse interests of our members effectively and equitably. Our NO STRIKE policy and individualised negotiation strategies protect our members, their employers, the public, and our communities, leading the way towards a more collaborative, harmonious work environment for all.

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