Term Time Contracts For Amazon Workers. What A Great Idea

Term Time Contracts For Amazon Workers. What A Great Idea

Term Time Contracts For Amazon Workers, Term Time Contracts

Term Time Contracts For Amazon Workers

Term Time Contracts For Amazon Workers, Term Time Contracts

The Workers Union has welcomed the news that Amazon is offering a contract to workers where they can work flexibly during term time. 

The new type of contracts, which offer flexible working hours and allow workers to take advantage of the quieter periods of the year, have been welcomed by employers and employees alike.

This move is a great step forward for those who care for children as it allows them to better coordinate their time off with school holidays. The Workers Union has praised Amazon for giving its employees this opportunity, and is encouraging other companies to follow suit. The employment contracts are particularly beneficial for those who are looking to upskill themselves or gain additional qualifications, as they are able to balance work, family and study commitments.

The Union further calls on other businesses to offer flexible working arrangements to their employees, in line with the right of all UK workers to request flexible working after 26 weeks of employment. The contracts could also prove beneficial for employers who are able to manage their staffing levels more effectively, as well as reducing the cost of recruitment.

They emphasize the importance of providing employees with flexibility to better accommodate their family commitments such as looking after a child or elderly relative, the contracts provide a level of stability and security. , and that such arrangements should not come at the expense of the company’s business priorities.

The Workers Union says…

“We urge more employers to consider a term-time contract as an option for their employees and workers, as it could provide considerable benefits for both the employee and the employer. With these contracts being a great way for employers and employees to make the most of their working time, it is likely that they will become increasingly popular in the years to come”.

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