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Protect and encourage social justice

The Workers’ Union is an organisation that promotes social justice, equality and community action right here on its union events page.

We fight for better pay, conditions and prospects for working people, not free lunches for politicians or bloated bar tabs at organised black-tie events. The income we generate is invested back into maintaining the high quality services we are proud to offer.

Why do we operate in this way? Put simply, we are a values-oriented organisation that derives our legitimacy from a deep-seated belief that working people are the bedrock of this country’s success. In this context, The Workers Union events page acts as an expression of members’ interests as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues that affect working people.

If you’re looking at your current union and thinking ‘is this is really a union that promotes social justice?,’ then consider The Workers Union alternative. You will be joining a fast moving, modern organisation that understands the working landscape of the post-pandemic world. With The Workers Union, you’re never alone if you have a problem at work.

Protect and encourage social justice

By exploring the resources on this page, you will discover what we are doing to secure a better future for working people.

Click on the links below for more information or if you’re ready to learn more about what we offer, visit why join.

August 1, 2019
what is zero hour contract

Abolish Zero Hour Contracts

Zero-hour contracts were supposed to embody a new way of working. Workers on Zero hour contracts do not have any employment rights. Get Help
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