Abolish Zero-hour Contracts

Abolish Zero-hour Contracts

No Zero Hour Contracts - The Workers Union

No Zero Hour Contracts - The Workers Union

Abolish Zero Hour Contracts - The Worker’s Union

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, over a million British workers are on zero-hours contracts. In an age where the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are already struggling with uncertainty, this situation is scandalous.

Everyone employed on a zero hours contract is entitled to statutory employment rights. Any individual on a zero hours contract who is a ‘worker’ will be entitled to at least the National Minimum Wage, paid annual leave, rest breaks and protection from discrimination. These contracts should be abolished. However you still have rights and by joining our union we can push for their abolishment.

What are zero-hour contracts?

Zero-hour contracts were supposed to embody a new way of working. In our ‘always on’ 24-hour economy, people could choose hours that suited them and build their jobs around their lifestyle. Sadly, the evidence suggests that rather than welcoming a brave new world of flexible working, it’s become another way of hammering the poor.

Put simply, if you’re on a zero hours contract, you do not have a guaranteed minimum number of working hours. This can make trying to budget from week to week very difficult. Many of our members contact us to discuss their money worries. Many more complain about their working conditions.

Zero hour contracts and employment rights

There’s a common misconception that workers on zero-hours contracts do not have any employment rights.

This is not true.

If you’re on a zero-hour contract, you are entitled to basic statutory employment rights. These include the National Minimum Wage, rest breaks and holiday pay.  However, some people do not know they are eligible. Worse still, many workers fear that their hours will be reduced if they complain about poor treatment from their employers.

This can’t be right.

What are we doing to help?

The central mission of The Workers Union is to protect the health, wealth and wellbeing of working people. We are passionately committed to exposing bad bosses and getting justice for our members.  We speak truth to power – that’s why we’ve been able to help hundreds of people just like you.

We want to see these exploitative contracts abolished.

We’re fighting for:

  • Zero-hour contracts to be replaced with genuine flexible working that pays well and offers an extended package of rights;
  • An immediate change to statutory sick pay/maternity pay to include those earning less than £118 per week from a single employer

We’re also:

  • Working with government policy makers to tackle these issues and create a better future for working people  

If you’re on a zero-hours contract and:

  • You’ve experienced bullying, harassment or abuse from your employer
  • You’re being denied your statutory employment rights
  • You’re worried about any aspect of your working relationship with your employer;

Get in the touch with us. Joining a union is one of the most powerful forms of protection. You don’t have to tell your employer and anything you say to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

For more information about how we can help you hit back, visit our ‘why join’ page.

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