Transport for London workers driven to strike action

Transport for London workers driven to strike action

Workers Driven to Strike Action
Workers Driven to Strike Action

Transport for London (TfL) workers will defied their employer and walked out on Friday. The strike went ahead in protest at the 1 percent pay rise offered to Dial-a-Ride drivers by TfL chiefs.

Roughly 300 revenue protection inspectors, compliance officers and road transport enforcement officers will also down tools for 24 hours, with more action planned in the near future. The workers are demanding that their pay is brought into line with tube drivers’.

Responding to the strike, general manager of Dial-a-Ride, James Mead, said: “We have plans in place to ensure any disruption to Dial-a-Ride members will be kept to a minimum.

We believe our package to increase our staff’s pay is both fair and responsible and also offers an increase to 30 holidays over the next two years.

A spokesman for The Workers Union said: “This action by TfL staff is the result of a derisory pay offer that’s tantamount to a salary cut in real terms. While senior execs are pocketing sums that are many times the yearly take home of the public facing parts of the service, they are also enjoying performance-related handouts that run to tens of thousands of pounds. Meanwhile the people on the front line face a stressful working day that often sees them suffer abuse or threats of violence. If we really live in a society that considers social justice a fundamental building block of national strength, then this kind of greed has to be called out and stamped out.”

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