Workers Union demands support for female NHS staff

Workers Union demands support for female NHS staff

Workers Union demands support for female NHS staff

Workers Union demands support for female NHS staff

Workers Union demands support for female NHS staff

The Workers Union has hit out at the government by describing the plight of female staff in the NHS as “disgraceful”.

The news comes after the NHS Confederation’s Health and Care Women Leaders Network published a report highlighting issues with stress and exhaustion.

The survey found that COVID-19 had increased sexism, bullying and racism from management.

Ethnic minority staff appeared to be particularly affected, with worries about COVID’s impact on this demographic also cited as a stress factor.

Elsewhere, 72 percent of respondents said that their job was negatively affecting their emotional wellbeing.

The Workers Union Says

The Workers Union’s Chief Spokesman Johnathan Morgan said: ‘This is nothing short of disgraceful. For years women have played a fundamental role in the provision of healthcare. That many of them feel on the edge of burnout is thanks to decades of mismanagement and underfunding.

‘At a time like this it’s particularly important that NHS workers receive the help and support they need. Yes there has to be additional diversity and cultural awareness training for managers. Yes, it’s shocking that some women still face barriers to speaking out. These things must be addressed – but under-fire managers also require support from the paper-shufflers further up the chain. That means summoning the political will to boost spending and give the NHS the resources it needs.

‘We want to see more doctors, more nurses and a clearer line drawn between work and downtime. We’ve asked people right across the healthcare system to go to well so many times this year. Is it any wonder they feel that there’s very little left?’

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