Workers Union Launches A New Job Search Facility

Workers Union Launches A New Job Search Facility

Workers Union Launches A New Job Search Facility

Workers Union Launches A New Job Search Facility

Workers Union Launches A New Job Search Facility

The Workers Union is pleased to announce the launch of a new jobs board on

The move is part of the ‘digital first’ strategy that has won plaudits for the ease-of-use and flexibility that it provides to members.

A spokesperson for The Workers Union said: ‘We have always been about innovation, and this new service is another example of our commitment to bringing the benefits of modern technology to working people. Now they can access dynamically updated job listings from their computer or on the move with their smart phones or tablets. They need never miss another opportunity through lack of access – as long as there’s a signal, they can browse the board.’

To make locating positions as easy as possible, job seekers can quickly search by category or by location. Once selected, the board will filter the results giving an up-to-the-minute run down of jobs in that category.

For the team at The Workers Union, this no nonsense approach represents the essence of the organisation’s mission:

‘With this latest enhancement, we’re providing a suite of one-stop services that make tasks that used to involve a lot of searching – and a lot of paperwork – as straightforward as possible. Using this system, a member can visit us, take advantage of all our services AND check for job vacancies. There’s no need to tab between different sites or get lost down recruiters’ rabbit holes. It’s all here, ready and waiting.’

The launch has been designed to help combat anxieties about a potential jobs bonfire when the government winds furlough up this September. Recent reports suggest that over 614,000 people could be heading for redundancy by the fourth quarter of 2021.

‘We’ve been dealing with a lot of queries from members worried about what the future holds for them once state support is withdrawn. While we fight for them and their jobs every day, we also accept that some workers will end up being affected by this situation. That’s why we’ve been developing the job listings project.

‘We believe that it will provide the impetus job seekers need. And by showing them that there are opportunities that they can apply for in just a few mouse clicks, we’re continuing to fulfil our pledge to create new ways of looking after this country’s greatest asset…working people themselves.’

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