Union Supports Emergence of Circular Economy

Union Supports Emergence of Circular Economy

Union Supports Emergence of Circular Economy

Union Supports Emergence of Circular Economy

Union Supports Emergence of Circular Economy

The Workers Union is supporting the emergence of the “circular economy”.

The announcement came after the environmental think tank Green Alliance revealed that nearly half a million jobs could be created by employing people to repair faulty electronic goods and equipment.

In a report entitled “Levelling up through circular economy jobs,” the organisation argues that more must be done to encourage the retention of value in manufactured goods through recycling.

The report also suggests that areas of the country suffering from high rates of unemployment could experience welcome growth if a culture of recycling and repair became commonplace.

Policy analyst at the Green Alliance, Zoe Avison, said: ‘A big programme to avoid unnecessary waste and reclaim the value of materials would not only help consumers but create jobs in communities across the country.’

At the same time, Green Alliance is urging the government to consider policies that slash VAT on repairs to a zero rating, as well as arguing for more investment in training to equip workers with the requisite repair skills.

The Workers Union on the Circular Economy

The Worker Union prides itself on its green credentials. We are a light footprint organisation that takes our commitment to environmental preservation very seriously.

That’s why we stand four square behind initiatives designed to extend the life of precious resources.

We forget at our peril that human life depends on the only M-class planet in the area. There are no other options – degrade our environment and we degrade our chances of survival.

At the same time, we understand that gains in housing, health, education, science and technology have been driven by industry, with all its demands for power and resources. It has given us comforts undreamt of by our ancestors and we cannot – and should not – desire to go back to living at the mercy of the elements.

So it’s a delicate balancing act that faces us. But there is hope. The circular economy is a step towards prising additional value out of the things that we buy, thereby honouring the contribution of the Earth in providing it to us.

It is, as identified above, also an opportunity to create more jobs in the technical, management and procurement sectors. This must quickly become a focus for policymakers, before the chance for radical change is forced upon us.

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