The Workers Union Updates It’s Security With 3DS2

The Workers Union Updates It’s Security With 3DS2

The Workers Union Updates It’s Security With 3DS2

The Workers Union Updates It’s Security With 3DS2

The Workers Union Updates It’s Security With 3DS2

The Workers Union has updated its security by using the 3D secure system to ensure members are protected.

In a statement released this morning, a spokesperson for the organisation said: ‘The safety and security of our members is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we’re using the 3D secure 2 system to help verify genuine membership applications. Coupled with strong customer authentication (SCA) 3DS2 checks that the person using the payment card is really who they say they are by asking for additional authentication at the point of purchase. It’s the online industry standard for filtering out suspicious transactions.’

Some businesses have struggled to make the March 14th deadline for implementation, but The Workers Union already used 3D secure as standard.

‘We are always investing in ways to provide our members with a better experience. The 3D secure 2 update offers peace of mind and ease of use to anyone transacting with our payment systems, and ensures that full membership applications and payments are genuine.’

3D secure has a long history of development, with the first versions appearing as early as 1999. The current incarnation offers improved protection for consumers at the same time as removing some of the customer experience frustrations of previous editions.

How does it work?

In essence, 3DS2 requires two-factor authentication (2FA) for the card transaction to be processed. This simply means that the system will request two pieces of information before the purchase is concluded.

Members – and prospective members – will see a little window pop up on the website that asks them to check their banking app. At the same time, a notification from The Workers Union will appear on their phones, asking them to open their banking apps. From there, they will need to review and confirm their purchases in-app before returning to The Workers Union website.

The Workers Union Says…

In today’s world, where millions of people a second are exchanging information electronically, it’s more important than ever that customers trust the organisations that process their personal information.

The Workers Union’s investment in the latest technology is an essential part of our continuing efforts to safeguard our members’ interests. We will always put safety, security and quality of service above all other interests. That’s why our members trust us to deliver the help and guidance they need, when they need it.

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