Revealed. The Most Dangerous Jobs in UK

Revealed. The Most Dangerous Jobs in UK

Dangerous Jobs in UK

Dangerous Jobs in UK

Dangerous Jobs in UK

A new survey published by CV advice company ‘StandOut CV’ has revealed the most dangerous jobs in the UK.

The company analysed data from roles considered ‘dangerous’, using risk factors such as mental illness and physical injuries.

Standout CV found that paramedics are most at risk, with 2,993 attacks by patients reported on average every 12 months. Elsewhere, firefighters occupy the country’s second most dangerous job, where the prospect of dealing with ‘traumatic events’ has led 60.2 percent of staff to report that they deal with mental health problems as a consequence.

Among the other professions name checked in the list, nurses, prison officers and HGV drivers also rank highly.

The results of the survey reflect recent news stories published on these pages, which outline a sorry tale of employee neglect by company chiefs. By the same token, last year’s official Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data revealed that the number of workers killed while carrying out their duties rose from 111 in 2019/20, to 142 in 2020/21. And while the number of cases prosecuted by HSE fell 42 percent from 325 to 199, the backlog generated by multiple COVID-induced lockdowns saw a lower than usual number of cases go before the courts.

The Workers Union Says…

This organisation has stated on many occasions that the first duty of any employer is the safety and welfare of its staff. However, safety is not always of paramount importance to business owners and execs.

We are not naive enough to suggest that legislation can remove every element of risk from the lives of working people. Some jobs require more exposure to danger than others by their very nature. But that does not mean that bosses can excuse themselves from prioritising health and safety.

Ignorance is no defence, particularly in a day and age when so many resources are available to managers. What is clear is that bosses that stay in the dark by their own design are putting the lives and livelihoods of working people at risk, and should be dealt with accordingly.

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