British Workers in Pyjamas: A New Workplace Trend?

British Workers in Pyjamas: A New Workplace Trend?

British Workers in Pyjamas A New Workplace Trend

British Workers in Pyjamas A New Workplace Trend

British Workers in Pyjamas A New Workplace Trend

In an intriguing revelation about Britain’s evolving home working culture, a recent survey by the employment firm Indeed has uncovered a rather cosy detail: a significant portion of British employees are embracing the comfort of pyjamas while working. This trend, perhaps a byproduct of the shift towards home-working catalysed by the Covid pandemic, raises questions about the future of workplace norms and attire.

The survey, which encompassed over 1,000 employees and 500 employers across the UK, revealed that a substantial 33% of workers don pyjamas during their shift hours. This isn’t just an occasional choice, as on average, employees are wearing nightwear for 46 working days a year. Surprisingly, one in 12 have integrated pyjamas into their daily work attire.

The pandemic-induced shift to remote work seems to have relaxed dress codes considerably. Nearly half of the employers surveyed expressed concern that staff attire has become excessively casual since the onset of the pandemic. A notable 29% of these employers are now advocating for a return to stricter dress codes. They cite pyjamas, along with unwashed or messy hair and tracksuit bottoms, as the most inappropriate forms of work appearance.

However, the trend towards casual attire isn’t limited to pyjamas. The survey also found that two in five employers consider trainers inappropriate for work, yet almost two-thirds of employees wear them. This disparity between employer expectations and employee preferences marks a significant shift in workplace culture.

Interestingly, the survey sheds light on generational differences in work attire. The Gen-Z generation, those aged 18 to 26, are reportedly the smartest dressers, with 42% wearing suits, contrasting sharply with just 15% of those aged over 35. This suggests a resurgence in traditional work attire among the younger workforce.

Another notable trend is the ‘video call attire’ phenomenon, where more than half of the workers admit to wearing professional attire on the upper half but opting for more casual clothing out of camera view.

Conducted by Censuswide between October 24 and 30 this year, the survey involved two separate groups: 1,035 employees and 500 decision-makers within businesses in the UK. The findings offer a fascinating glimpse into the evolving landscape of work attire and employee preferences in the post-pandemic era.

The Workers Union Says…

“As the work environment continues to evolve, striking a balance between comfort and professionalism remains a key challenge for both employers and employees. The move towards more relaxed attire reflects a broader shift in workplace culture, one that values comfort and personal expression alongside productivity and professionalism.”

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