Edinburgh Tops UK Cities in Post-Christmas Party Sick Days, Reveals Survey

Edinburgh Tops UK Cities in Post-Christmas Party Sick Days, Reveals Survey

Edinburgh Tops UK Cities in Post-Christmas Party Sick Days

Edinburgh Tops UK Cities in Post-Christmas Party Sick Days

Edinburgh Tops UK Cities in Post-Christmas Party Sick Days

Edinburgh, the picturesque capital of Scotland, has gained a unique distinction this festive season. According to a recent survey conducted by Double Dutch, a premium tonics and mixer brand, employees in Edinburgh are most likely to call in sick the day after their office Christmas party, outpacing the entire UK in this regard. This revelation highlights a fascinating aspect of workplace culture and festive celebrations in Scotland.

The survey, which involved 2,000 participants, uncovered that a significant 54 percent of Edinburgh’s workforce prefer taking a recovery day post-party, rather than braving a hungover day at the office. This figure not only surpasses the national average but also ranks Edinburgh higher than other major cities like London, Belfast, and Newcastle.

Contrasting this exuberant approach in Edinburgh, the rest of Scotland appears more conservative in their post-party habits. Only 16 percent of workers in Glasgow and a mere 15 percent in Aberdeen are likely to call in sick after the Christmas festivities. This disparity within Scotland itself showcases diverse regional attitudes towards work-life balance and celebration.

Further insights from the survey delve into the party personas of Scottish city residents. In Glasgow, a unique trend emerges with 31 percent of locals identifying as ‘The Dance And Dashers’ – enthusiastic partygoers who enjoy a dance but prefer an early exit. Aberdeen presents a different picture, where 50 percent of respondents pride themselves as ‘The Last One Standing’, reflecting a dedication to partying until dawn.

Edinburgh’s festive spirit isn’t just about time off; it’s also about spending big. The survey found that Edinburgh’s workers tend to spend more than any other city in Scotland during the party season, with the average professional shelling out over £100 in a single night. This propensity for spending is indicative of the city’s vibrant and indulgent party culture.

The economic impact of these festivities is substantial. Across Scotland’s key cities, an estimated £66 million is poised to be spent on festive celebrations. In a broader context, the UK anticipates a whopping £7.4 billion expenditure on Christmas parties this year, a figure that’s three and a half times higher than last year’s.

The survey results have prompted some companies to adapt. Raissa and Joyce de Haas, the twin co-founders of Double Dutch, highlighted the importance of embracing the festive spirit. They’ve introduced a ‘party recovery day’ for their staff, recognizing the need for employees to fully enjoy the celebrations without worrying about the next day at work.

The Workers Union Says…

“This shift in workplace culture, acknowledging the importance of balance and well-being, could be a significant step towards a more employee-centric approach. With 65 percent of Brits already planning their Christmas celebrations, it’s evident that the festive spirit is alive and well, with Edinburgh leading the way in merry-making and recovery.”

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