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NHS Flexible Working


Welcome to The Workers Union’s information page about NHS Flexible Working. We’re here to offer guidance and support about the latest policies and procedures related to flexible working within the NHS. Our goal is to ensure you understand your rights and options as an employee of the National Health Service.

NHS Flexible Working: What You Need to Know

Flexible working has become a cornerstone of modern working practices. In line with this trend, the NHS is dedicated to providing flexible working options to its employees, recognising the need for a work-life balance, particularly within the demanding healthcare sector.

NHS Flexible Working Policy 2022

The 2022 update to the NHS Flexible Working Policy has several key components to be aware of:

Flexible Hours: Employees may request altered start and finish times to better accommodate their personal life and responsibilities. This can range from condensed working weeks to staggered hours.

Part-Time Working: The NHS recognises that full-time employment isn’t for everyone. As such, part-time roles are available, offering employees the chance to work fewer hours while maintaining their professional role.

Job Sharing: For those looking for even greater flexibility, job sharing opportunities allow two employees to share the responsibilities of one full-time role.

Right to Request: Every employee with 26 weeks of service or more has a legal right to request flexible working arrangements. Employers are required to give each application serious consideration.

NHS Flexible Working

Flexible Working Policy NHS: Application and Procedure

To apply for flexible working within the NHS, you will need to submit a written request to your manager. This should outline the proposed working pattern and when you would like this to begin. The manager must reply within three months, unless an extension is agreed upon.

If your request is denied, there needs to be a clear business reason for the decision. You have the right to appeal this decision if you believe it to be unfair.

NHS Part Time Working Hours

Part-time working hours can vary greatly within the NHS, based on the specific role and department. Part-time hours can range from just a few hours per week to almost full-time hours, depending on the needs of the employee and the service.

Part-time employees are entitled to the same rights and benefits as full-time employees, prorated based on the number of hours worked.

If you have any questions or need support with understanding your rights and options within the NHS Flexible Working Policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at The Workers Union. We’re here to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and are well-informed about their options for flexible working within the NHS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is flexible working in the context of the NHS?

Flexible working within the NHS refers to a range of employment options designed to help employees balance work and personal life. These can include part-time work, job sharing, flexi-time, compressed hours, annualized hours, or remote working. The aim is to support a diverse workforce and improve employee well-being, retention, and productivity.

What factors will my employer consider when reviewing my request?

Employers are obligated to consider flexible working requests in a “reasonable manner.” This generally involves assessing the potential impact on the quality of patient care, operational requirements, and the effect on other staff members. They must also consider the benefits for the employee making the request and weigh these against any negative impacts on the service.

Can flexible working arrangements be changed once they are set?

Yes, flexible working arrangements are generally not set in stone and can be reviewed and changed by mutual agreement between the employee and employer. Circumstances may change, affecting either the employee’s needs or the organization’s operational requirements, which could necessitate a review of the existing arrangements.

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