Occupational Health Assessment

Request an Occupational Health Assessment from Your Employer

Why Request an Occupational Health Assessment?

An Occupational Health Assessment (OHA) is an invaluable tool for employees who are experiencing health-related issues affecting their work or well-being. Conducted by qualified occupational health professionals, the assessment provides confidential, impartial advice to both employees and employers. Whether you are facing physical or mental health challenges, an OHA can guide you and your employer toward supportive, effective solutions.

When to Request an Occupational Health Assessment

You might consider requesting an OHA if you experience:

  • Persistent stress or anxiety affecting your job performance
  • Chronic fatigue or physical ailments impacting your work duties
  • Uncertainties about workplace adjustments due to a medical condition

Concerns about workplace ergonomics or safety

Occupational Health Assessment from Your Employer

How to Request an Occupational Health Assessment

Step 1: Consult Your Employee Handbook

Check your employee handbook or intranet for policies and procedures regarding Occupational Health Assessments. Every organization may have different guidelines, so it’s essential to know what is applicable in your case.

Step 2: Speak with Your Line Manager

Discuss your concerns openly with your line manager. Be prepared to explain how your health is affecting your work and why you believe an OHA would be beneficial.

Step 3: Formal Request

Write a formal request to your HR department or designated individual responsible for occupational health services. Ensure that you keep a copy of any correspondences.

Sample OHA Request.

(Sample Request Email) Subject: Request for Occupational Health Assessment

Dear [HR Manager’s Name], I am writing to formally request an Occupational Health Assessment. Over the past [duration], I have been experiencing health issues that are affecting my performance and well-being at work.

After discussing these concerns with my line manager, it has been advised that an OHA may be the appropriate next step. I kindly ask that this request be processed as soon as possible. I am willing to provide further information or participate in a preliminary interview if necessary.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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