Why Plumbers Should Join the Workers Union

A career in plumbing offers many rewards, but it can also be stressful. In order to enjoy optimal conditions, join The Workers Union.

The Workers Union understands the role plumbers play in keeping our country moving. We will support your rights – whether you work in the domestic or industrial sector.

The State Of The Plumbing Profession In The UK

When it comes to the plumbing profession, the UK is one of the world’s leading nations. There are nearly 2.3 million people employed as plumbers in the country, with a further 1.6 million people employed in related fields. But is it the best country to be a plumber? The UK is often held up as an example of plumbing excellence. However, long hours, stressful working conditions and varying plumbers’ pay rates are still an issue.

Problems Facing Domestic and Industrial Plumbers in the UK

The Workers Union has highlighted the problems facing plumbers in the UK. These include a lack of skilled workers, and rising workloads among existing plumbers. The lack of skilled workers is the most pressing issue for the industry. This is because of the demand for skilled workers to deliver high-level plumbing projects. A lack of skilled plumbers could lead to a failure to deliver essential services such as water and gas supplies. This could be a risk to the public at large and is therefore a significant issue facing plumbers in the UK. Plumbers finances can also be a problem, with many skilled professionals likely to face challenging situations if they suddenly find themselves without work.

plumbing workers union

Why The Workers Union Supports UK Plumbers

Plumbers are typically hired by the hour and can often be required to work at short notice. Because of this, job security can be an issue for plumbers, who are often at the mercy of the market. It means they are also at risk of having their hours suddenly cut. Other risks to plumbers include having their pay cut because of difficult economic conditions. It is important, therefore, that a plumbers union has a strong voice. This is why plumbers in the UK should join a plumbing workers union.


As you can see, joining a plumbers union UK wide is beneficial for plumbers. So join the Workers Union and fight back against bad bosses, exploitation and poor working conditions.

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