Anti-Harassment at Work

Anti-Harassment at Work

What is bullying and harassment?

What is bullying and harassment?

What is bullying and harassment?

The Workers’ Union believes that employers have a fundamental duty of care towards the people that work for them. Any sign of bullying, threats or intimidation is also the sign of a sick workplace culture that harms the wellbeing of the individual(s) concerned and hampers the productivity of the business.

What is Bullying and Harassment?

Bullying and harassment can be defined as any deliberate action(s) designed to expose an individual or a group to

  • excessive stress
  • constant criticism
  • reputational damage
  • exclusion on the basis of ethnicity, sex, disability etc.
  • repeated attacks on their professional integrity, standing and judgement
  • constant demeaning or inappropriate humour
  • malicious rumours
  • being continually overlooked for promotion without justification.

How Widespread is Bullying and Harassment?

A recent piece of research undertaken by the University of Manchester revealed:

  • 10 percent of workers had been bullied in the last 6 months
  • 25 percent of workers were bullied in the last 5 years
  • 47 percent of workers had witnessed bullying and harassment at work.

In short, there’s a real issue here and one that needs a strong, event organisation like the Workers’ Union to support the victims of workplace harassment AND help employers to take appropriate action. 

What are we Doing?

First of all, we’re putting ourselves firmly at the forefront of the debate by event for YOU and people like you. We’re not here to waste time with fancy placards, marches and t-shirt sloganeering – our mission is to help you talk to the people you need to talk to with the minimum possible fuss. You can trust us to do the job well, too. Our staff have many years’ experience of dealing with bullying and harassment.

So, if you have experienced

  • harassment by management
  • harassment by co-workers
  • bullying
  • being forced to work overtime
  • job security – such as being threatened with the sack if you fail to comply with clearly unreasonable requests

then join us today. We can put you in touch with experts than can assess your case and help advise you what to do next.

Talking to Business

Of course, no anti-bullying event can be truly effective without engaging with employers and government on the issue. That’s why we’re in the process of talking to business, MPs and other stakeholders about how we can

  • provide more ‘safe spaces’ for employees who call out bullying and harassment
  • ensure managers are able to recognise and deal with bullying and harassment
  • promote stronger teams at work
  • provide better support for the victims of bullying and harassment

Check out the news section of The Workers’ Union website for regular updates.

Remember you have the right to be treated with fairness and dignity at work.

Join us and help stamp out bullying and intimidation in the workplace!

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  1. gillian bromley says:

    hiya i need help my employer are not treating me fairly.i have had meetings etc to no one listens.its now ready to go to getting threatening e mails .i still work