Union Says ‘Job Support Scheme Doesn’t Go Far Enough’

Union Says ‘Job Support Scheme Doesn’t Go Far Enough’

‘Job Support Scheme Doesn’t Go Far Enough’

‘Job Support Scheme Doesn’t Go Far Enough’

‘Job Support Scheme Doesn’t Go Far Enough’

The Workers Union has hit out at the latest changes to the Job Support Scheme. In a sharply-worded statement, Chief Spokesman branded the government’s measures ‘wholly inadequate’ and said that ‘working people will feel like this doesn’t go far enough.’

The comments come in response to Rishi Sunak’s announcement that employees working for businesses forced to close during local lockdowns will have 67 percent of their salaries paid by the government.

The new job support scheme deal has been set up to last six months. It will only apply where a business has been instructed to close. Those firms that make their own decision to shut will not be eligible. And despite launching next month, businesses will only be able to start claiming the cash in December.

The move is widely seen as an attempt to stave off criticism of the government’s handling of the crisis in northern cities.  However, the leaders of Sheffield City, Liverpool City, North Tyne and Greater Manchester council have roundly condemned the plans.

The Workers Union Says

Mr Sunak finds himself in a difficult position. Under pressure to save jobs and stimulate the economy, fate has handed him an unenviable task. But it is in these moments that great statesmen are born.

The Workers Union believes that the Chancellor must have the courage to go back to the drawing board if the job support scheme does not work. 67 percent of wages will not cut it – especially in the hospitality industry where beleaguered staff have already been hammered by COVID. If we want to see this country get back on its feet, then we must invest in British workers. After all, an exhausted Britain with millions on the jobs scrap heap will not secure a better future for workers and their families.

So we say to you Mr Sunak, have the courage to deliver on your party’s promise to ‘level-up’ the country. Invest now and have faith in British workers. They are the backbone of this country’s success – now and in the future.

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