Should Firms Do More to Help Remote Staff?

Should Firms Do More to Help Remote Staff?

Should Firms Do More to Help Remote Staff

Should Firms Do More to Help Remote Staff

Should Firms Do More to Help Remote Staff

The Workers Union has asked whether firms should do more to help staff working remotely.

The announcement comes after recruitment company Morgan Philips published research that revealed that of the 46 percent of respondents who work from home, more than half say that remote working has left them feeling isolated.

In response to the findings, a spokesperson for The Workers Union said: ‘This research broadly tallies with the conversations we have with our members. While many of them appreciate the extra flexibility that hybrid working offers, there’s still a sense that company chiefs could do more to tackle isolation, reduce burnout and improve mental health outcomes amongst distributed teams.’

The managing director of Morgan Philips, Tom Gowing, said: ‘Immediately after lockdown companies that seemed to be winning out in the war for talent were those that offered huge degrees of flexibility. This may be shifting slightly as more people look beyond just the “days form home” and look at the bigger picture of how a business promotes their culture whilst also giving staff what they need in terms of flexibility. This could be a contributing factor as to why our research shows 44% of UK respondents were looking to change jobs within the next three years, 17% of which are looking to move in this current year.’

The Workers Union Says…

This organisation has long been at the vanguard of promoting flexible options for workers. We have said, time and again, that it is no longer enough for firms to dictate 9-5 in the office as standard.

While many bosses have realised that inevitability can also spell opportunity, there is still much to be done to get a better balance between attending the office and feeling supported at home.

In any industry, the key to successful transition is buy-in. Execs must avoid top-down solutions and engage with their staff about the ways in which remote working can continue to deliver benefits. This may be through regular online forums, sports and leisure activities, or even team-building sessions. In each case, workers will have credible suggestions borne from the experiences of the last two years. Taking this feedback seriously will be a litmus test of UK plc’s ability to adapt and prosper in what is likely to continue to prove a challenging environment.

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