Contractor Sustains Serious Head Injury On Site

Contractor Sustains Serious Head Injury On Site

Serious Head Injury On Site

Serious Head Injury On Site

Serious Head Injury On Site

A hefty £175,000 fine was imposed on a construction company, Singh Will Mix It Ltd, following a horrific accident that resulted in a worker sustaining serious head injuries.

The unfortunate event occurred on the 3rd of March, 2019, while the victim was performing concrete pumping operations on a residential property in Elmfield Avenue, Crouch End.

The catastrophic incident was triggered by a blockage in a concrete pump, which subsequently led to an abrupt release of pressure. This then caused the pump to strike the contractor on the head. It later surfaced that the pump operator lacked the requisite qualifications to handle the machinery.

The severity of the injuries meant that the worker spent seven months in hospital, where he battled with brain trauma and associated complications. Even now, the contractor struggles with speech, memory, and mobility issues, demonstrating the severity of the accident’s long-term impact.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in the wake of this unfortunate event, embarked on a rigorous investigation. The outcome revealed that Singh Will Mix It Ltd had not adequately equipped its employees with the necessary knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the company was found lacking in the enforcement of essential health and safety systems.

Singh Will Mix It Ltd, located on Larkshall Road, Walthamstow, was found culpable of violating Sections 2(1) and 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The trial, held at Southwark Crown Court, resulted in an order for the company to cover £75,722 in costs. The ruling was issued on Wednesday, 15th March 2023.

Gordon Nixon, an HSE inspector, expressed his firm stance, stating, “HSE will not waver in prosecuting any contractor or operative who lacks the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience, and training, thereby carrying out risky tasks and endangering lives.”

The Workers Union Says…

“In the wake of this tragic incident, the Workers Union has come forward in support of the injured contractor, highlighting the importance of robust safety measures and adequate training for workers in the construction industry. We will  continue to champion the rights of contractors and their safety on job sites across the country”.

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