One in Three UK Workers Quit Due to Poor Management, Says New Survey

One in Three UK Workers Quit Due to Poor Management, Says New Survey

One in Three UK Workers Quit Due to Poor Management

One in Three UK Workers Quit Due to Poor Management

One in Three UK Workers Quit Due to Poor Management

In a stunning revelation, a new study indicates that almost one-third of UK workers have left their jobs due to inadequate management and a toxic workplace culture. The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) spearheaded the research, revealing the damaging ripple effect of poor managerial skills on the UK workforce.

An Epidemic of Accidental Managers

The report highlights that a staggering 82% of new managers in the UK are what CMI calls “accidental managers,” implying they have stepped into their roles without any formal training in management or leadership. Such a trend could be creating a breeding ground for toxicity and inefficiency.

Reasons for Quitting

The survey, conducted by YouGov, involved 4,500 workers and managers across the UK. Workers cited a range of factors for leaving their positions, including negative relationships with managers (28%) and incidents of discrimination or harassment (12%). This data amplifies concerns about workplace culture and points to a looming retention crisis.

Consequences of Ineffective Management

Among those who reported having an ineffective manager, one-third stated that they were less motivated to excel in their roles. Alarmingly, half considered leaving their current employment within the next year and where seeking alternative employment.

The Broader Impact

Anthony Painter, CMI’s Director of Policy, emphasized the broader economic repercussions. He argued that weak managerial performance is not only detrimental to individual businesses but also hampers public services and weighs down the economy.

“Economists believe that nearly one-third of the productivity gap between the UK and other leading nations could be bridged by improving managerial competence,” Painter noted.

A Call for Reform

The rise of remote work has further complicated managerial responsibilities, The Workers Union urges companies to adopt closer collaboration between managers and workers to elevate the standards of management across the economy.

The Workers Union Says:

“The findings of this survey are a wake-up call for businesses and policymakers alike. The Workers Union encourages a proactive approach to improving managerial skills to foster a healthy work environment. We also urge organizations to consider the importance of work culture in employee retention. This is a defining moment that could reshape the future of the UK workforce for years to come.”

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