Popeyes’ Expansion in the UK: 2000 Additional Jobs for UK Workers

Popeyes’ Expansion in the UK: 2000 Additional Jobs for UK Workers

Popeyes' Expansion in the UK

Popeyes' Expansion in the UK

Popeyes' Expansion in the UK

In an ambitious move that is set to invigorate the fast-food landscape, Popeyes, the renowned chicken chain, has announced a major expansion in the United Kingdom. This strategic growth plan is not just a leap for the brand but a significant stride for the job market, promising to create approximately 2,000 new job opportunities for UK workers.

Best known for its delectable fried chicken sandwiches, Popeyes has become a household name globally, with a presence of over 4,000 restaurants. The brand made its foray into the UK market in late 2021 and has since seen a meteoric rise in popularity. The upcoming year is poised to be a landmark period for Popeyes, as it aims to nearly double its size. This expansion includes the opening of over 30 new sites in various locations, including Birmingham, Aberdeen, and Swansea.

Currently, Popeyes boasts a portfolio of 36 locations in the UK, which includes five drive-thru sites. This expansion has not only brought the unique flavours of New Orleans closer to the UK populace but also created a robust employment landscape, currently employing 2,300 workers. The impending week will witness the inauguration of new sites in Ilford and Hammersmith in London, marking another milestone in Popeyes’ UK journey.

Tom Byng, the Chief Development Officer at Popeyes, expressed his excitement about the expansion. He highlighted the brand’s successful journey since its first store opening in November 2021, which received widespread acclaim and customer enthusiasm. Byng elaborated on the brand’s plans to double its estate in 2024, emphasizing the geographical diversity of the expansion. This includes the introduction of their first travel hub restaurant at Waterloo station in London, set to offer travellers a taste of New Orleans’ famous spirit and culinary delights.

This expansion comes in the wake of TDR Capital, the private equity firm part-owning Asda, increasing its shareholding to take effective control of Popeyes UK. The move signifies a robust vote of confidence in the brand’s growth trajectory and market potential.

The locations for the new restaurants and delivery kitchens are strategically spread across the UK, encompassing Bishop Auckland, Exeter, Bury New Road in Greater Manchester, Glasgow Sauchiehall, Aberdeen on Union Street, Nottingham, Swansea, Birmingham, and the Waterloo station in London.

The Workers Union Says…

“This expansion by Popeyes not only enriches the culinary options available to the UK market but also plays a pivotal role in job creation, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to contributing positively to the local economies, which The Workers Union wholeheartedly supports.. As Popeyes continues to spread its wings across the UK, it brings with it a promise of employment opportunities, gastronomic innovation, and a taste of New Orleans’ vibrant culture.”

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