Kia UK Reinforces Its Reputation as a Top Employer

Kia UK Reinforces Its Reputation as a Top Employer

Kia UK Reinforces Its Reputation as a Top Employer

Kia UK Reinforces Its Reputation as a Top Employer

Kia UK Reinforces Its Reputation as a Top Employer

Kia UK has once again been officially accredited as a Great Place To Work organization, a prestigious title upheld by the objective, data-driven evaluation methods employed by Great Place To Work. This marks the second consecutive year of this noteworthy recognition, with an improvement in scores across all categories. Vehicles here are proudly made in the UK and the new manufacturing revolution is showcased at its best, with workers highly satisfied in their positions.

The certification emerges from a rigorous assessment process that incorporates anonymous and validated feedback from the employees of Kia UK, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the results. A significant 91% of employees expressed their belief that Kia UK offers an exceptional work environment, while 82% reported consistently positive experiences at the company.

Gemma Benbow, head of people & organisation at Kia UK, shares her pride in the achievement: “We are so proud to be Great Place To Work Certified for the second consecutive year, with improved scores versus last year in every category and 55 out of 60 of the questions.” Benbow highlights the proactive use of feedback to enhance the workplace, “There’s no such thing as bad feedback – as any feedback can be used to positively improve the company and make it a better place for all staff.”

The car company’s commitment to its workforce is evident through initiatives like the recent implementation of a new carers policy, aimed at supporting employees who care for loved ones. “We have worked hard to foster a truly inviting work environment where everyone has a voice, can be heard and importantly feel part of a team,” says Benbow, emphasizing the inclusive culture at Kia UK.

Benedict Gautrey, managing director of Great Place To Work UK, comments on the importance of prioritizing employee experience: “We know that prioritising the employee experience leads to building trust among employees, fostering a remarkable workplace culture, and ultimately achieving exceptional business outcomes. Congratulations!”

The accolades for Kia UK don’t end there. In March 2024, Kia UK was named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces in the large company category. This recognition was based on real feedback from staff on various aspects such as the working atmosphere, trust in management, corporate strategy, and sense of security.

Additionally, in May 2023, Kia UK was first named a Great Place To Work-Certified organisation, and by July of the same year, it was also recognized in the 2023 Best Workplaces for Women list. The same month saw 12 Kia subsidiaries across Europe achieve the Great Place To Work-Certified status, underscoring the widespread satisfaction among staff across the continent.

The sustained success and continuous improvement in employee satisfaction at Kia UK demonstrate a robust organizational commitment to fostering an enriching and supportive work environment, making it an exemplary employer in the UK.

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 “This brilliant, forward thinking model adopted by Kia UK could serve as an inspiring blueprint for many organizations aiming to enhance their workplace environments and prioritize employee satisfaction and development. A perfect “no strike policy” you could say.”

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