United Utilities Could Create Thousands of Jobs With Major £13.7bn Investment Plan

United Utilities Could Create Thousands of Jobs With Major £13.7bn Investment Plan

United Utilities Could Create Thousands of Jobs With Major £13.7bn Investment Plan

United Utilities Could Create Thousands of Jobs With Major £13.7bn Investment Plan

United Utilities Could Create Thousands of Jobs With Major £13.7bn Investment Plan

United Utilities, a leading water services provider in the North West of England, has unveiled a transformative £13.7 billion investment plan intended to overhaul water infrastructure and stimulate significant job growth in the region. The investment, which spans from 2025 to 2030, is poised to create approximately 30,000 job opportunities, including 7,000 new positions, underscoring the company’s commitment to regional economic development.


The extensive plan, currently under review by Ofwat, the water regulator, earmarks £3 billion for major infrastructure projects aimed at modernizing wastewater treatment facilities and significantly reducing storm overflow activations. This initiative is described by United Utilities as the UK’s most ambitious spill reduction programme to date, promising substantial environmental benefits alongside economic growth.

Strategic Partnerships to Drive Implementation

To execute this massive undertaking, United Utilities has strategically selected seven partners, including notable industry leaders Kier, Murphy, and Costain, along with C2V—a collaborative venture between VolkerStevin and Jacobs. Mott Macdonald Bentley and MWH Treatment are also among the chosen firms to spearhead various projects under this initiative.

These partnerships are not just focused on the substantial infrastructure challenges but will also extend to numerous non-infrastructure-related capital works throughout the five-year period. The exact value of these additional projects has not been disclosed, but they form a critical component of the overall £13.7 billion strategy that includes base operating costs and capital expenditures.

A Focus on Local and Diverse Suppliers

In a move to boost local economies and foster inclusivity, United Utilities has expressed a keen interest in integrating the local supply chain of engineering and manufacturing companies into its expansive project. The company anticipates announcing further collaborations with additional delivery partners in the upcoming months, aiming to broaden its impact and reach across various community sectors.

Costain has already outlined expectations for its role within this partnership, projecting involvement in project management, engineering and design services, and extending to construction and asset supportability services. This proactive approach by Costain and other partners highlights the collaborative efforts required to address the scale of the planned infrastructure enhancements.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The investment plan by United Utilities not only aims to modernize and expand infrastructure but also signifies a robust approach to sustainable development. By reducing the frequency of storm overflows and upgrading treatment facilities, the initiative promises a greener, more efficient future for water management in the region.

This ambitious programme is expected to have a profound impact on local employment, with thousands of jobs being created or sustained, offering a significant boost to the North West’s economy during and beyond the duration of the projects.

So in Conclusion

United Utilities is setting a precedent for major infrastructure development, with a clear focus on sustainability, economic growth, and community involvement by tapping into the strength and adaptability of the UK workforce. As the plan awaits approval from regulatory bodies, the anticipation of its positive outcomes fosters a hopeful outlook for the enhancement of the UK’s water services infrastructure

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