Royal Mail Calls for Action as Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Surge

Royal Mail Calls for Action as Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Surge

Royal Mail Calls for Action as Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Surge

Royal Mail Calls for Action as Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Surge

Royal Mail Calls for Action as Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Surge

Royal Mail is launching its annual Dog Awareness Week, spotlighting a troubling surge in dog attacks on postal workers. The situation has reached such critical levels that some incidents have left employees with permanent and disabling injuries. The Workers Union has previously covered this pressing issue in articles titled “Surge in Dog Attacks on Postal Workers: Royal Mail Reveals” and “Protect our Posties.”

In the 12 months leading up to March 2024, Royal Mail reported 2,206 dog attacks, marking a 15% increase compared to the previous year. This alarming rise underscores the severity of the problem and the urgent need for action.

The impact on postal workers has been profound, with 82 attacks causing serious and significant injuries, up from 33 in the prior year. These incidents resulted in over 2,273 days of absence in 2023/24, with the longest period of absence lasting 197 days.

Royal Mail’s Dog Awareness Week aims to remind the public of their legal and moral responsibilities to manage their dogs and prevent attacks on postal workers. Portsmouth, Belfast, Bristol, Brighton, and Plymouth have been identified as high-risk areas for such incidents.

The main objective of Dog Awareness Week is to remind the public to be aware of their legal and moral responsibilities to control their dogs and prevent dog attacks on postal workers that serve our communities. Dog owners should be aware that they could face prosecution if their pets attack postal workers.

The statistics reveal that most dog attacks occur at the front door, followed by the garden, drive, or yard, and some even in the street or road. Notably, one in five incidents happen through letterboxes, despite legal provisions holding dog owners accountable if their pets cause injury to delivery workers through the letterbox.

Lizz Lloyd, Royal Mail’s health and safety director, voiced her disappointment over the continued increase in dog attacks on staff. “We are saddened and disappointed to see attacks on our staff continue to increase,” said Lloyd. “Dog attacks have a devastating effect on our people, and we are appealing to dog owners to think twice when the postman calls. All dog attacks can have life-changing consequences for victims, even when the physical injury at work is not significant.”

She also highlighted that almost half of the attacks occur at the front door and over a quarter in the front garden, indicating that this issue extends beyond Royal Mail, affecting many other organizations as well.

As Dog Awareness Week progresses, it is crucial for dog owners to take heed of the call to action and ensure their pets are adequately restrained and managed. This will not only protect postal workers but also contribute to a safer community overall.

The Workers Union Says…

“We stand in solidarity with postal workers and urges the public to take necessary precautions to prevent further incidents. By raising awareness and promoting responsible dog ownership, we can help reduce the number of attacks and safeguard those who provide essential services to our communities.”

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