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September 26, 2019
bus job loss

1200 Job Losses

September 25, 2019
people working uk

Working hours: Do Britons put in some of the longest in Europe?

Working hours: Do Britons put in some of the longest in Europe? Shadow Chancellor McDonnell has said that “people in the UK work some of the longest hours
September 24, 2019
hands of the workers

The Workers Union, Equality Starts With Subs

The Workers Union, Equality Starts With Subs. Equality From A Union Starts With Equal Subs For Everyone. These labor unions were forced into
September 23, 2019
Thomas Cook collapses

Thomas Cook collapses as last-ditch rescue talks fail

September 20, 2019

Gen Z workers expect a promotion after one year on the job, and their bosses are creating new titles and throwing ‘workversary’ parties to keep them happy

September 16, 2019

Illegal work practices ‘far too common’ says think tank study

September 13, 2019
stress at working-risk

Stress at work – the risk to practice owners

Stress at work – the risk to practice owners. It is a good idea to have an anti-stress policy explaining your attitude to stress in the workplace
September 12, 2019

NHS Tayside pharmacy workers’ strike set to continue ‘for weeks’

NHS Tayside pharmacy workers' strike set to continue 'for weeks' Union reps believe the ongoing industrial action by NHS Tayside pharmacy workers could go ..
September 12, 2019
power in workers hand

Jeremy Corbyn commits Labour to ‘biggest extension’ of workers’ rights in UK history

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