Union Urges Workers to Hang in There as Fuel Crisis Eases

Union Urges Workers to Hang in There as Fuel Crisis Eases

Union Urges Workers to Hang in There as Fuel Crisis Eases

Union Urges Workers to Hang in There as Fuel Crisis Eases

Union Urges Workers to Hang in There as Fuel Crisis Eases

The Workers Union is urging workers to hang in there as the fuel crisis eases.

In a statement released this morning, a spokesperson for the union said that there were signs that fuel supply to station forecourts was improving.

‘The last week has been very difficult for everyone – particularly as some people have taken it as a cue to stockpile fuel at the expense of others. But now there are indications that supply issues have stabilised. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Simon Clarke, commented that a little more than a quarter of petrol stations are now empty of fuel. This represents a substantial improvement on a week ago, when hysterical leaders in the newspapers were forecasting the end of civilisation as we know it.’

Appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Clarke was also questioned about the government’s plans to use the army to deliver fuel to empty forecourts. In recent days, ministers have withdrawn from this position. In response, Mr Clarke said: ‘We’re in a situation now where there is more fuel being delivered to petrol stations than is being sold, which is great.

‘The army is on standby to help support the commercial operations and, of course, we’ve seen some changes, including, notably, allowing some MoD driving instructors to help boost the number of tankers.

‘We are confident that things will normalise really quickly if we can just avoid the panic buying, which has exacerbated the situation very severely.’

The Workers Union on the Fuel Crisis

It would be fair to say that this country has had its fair share of ups and downs in recent years. But there is so much more that binds us than divides us in this great nation of ours – something that the populists and the naysayers would do well to remember.

This last week has shown the best of British again, as we’ve dealt with fuel shortages in the same stoic manner that we dealt with Brexit and innumerable other events. Yes, there’s been the odd piece of reprehensible behaviour and yes, people have panic bought fuel. We must remember, however, that there are many valid reasons for making sure there’s a full tank in the car. People are still expected to get to work, still have shopping to pick up, still have sick, frail or elderly relatives to visit. The world doesn’t stop – and neither should we.

So, we’re urging working people everywhere to stick this one out. The crisis will ease, and we’ll return to business as usual – a place where we can turn our fullest attention to securing the jobs, wages and benefits that you deserve.

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