Union Shows ‘Remarkable Foresight’ in News Coverage

Union Shows ‘Remarkable Foresight’ in News Coverage

Union Shows ‘Remarkable Foresight’ in News Coverage

Union Shows ‘Remarkable Foresight’ in News Coverage

Union Shows ‘Remarkable Foresight’ in News Coverage

The Workers Union has shown ‘remarkable foresight’ in its coverage of important news stories.

A spokesman for the organisation said: ‘We’re proud of our track record of focusing on the stories that impact the jobs and living standards of working people. The bad news for those who seek to exploit British workers is that we won’t stop shining a light on poor working conditions, low wages and unimaginative economic policies.’

The announcement came as the government committed to installing electrical charging points in new homes from 2022 – a story covered by The Workers Union in March of this year. In a speech to the Confederation of British Industry, (CBI), the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that: ‘We’re regulating so as to require new homes and buildings to have EV charging points, with another 145,000 charging points to be installed thanks to these regulations.’

The plan also includes a requirement for supermarkets and workplaces to install EV charge points, and the regulations will also apply to major renovation projects.

In response to the government’s initiative, the Workers Union said: ‘We think that this is the beginning of a sea change in the way that our country views so-called “green jobs”. We’ve been saying for a long time now that this nation must abandon damaging labels like this and accept that a “green future” is the only future if life on Earth is to survive and prosper.

‘As far back as March 2021, we were arguing for a whole new green strategy that prioritised new jobs, skills and opportunities in the emerging economy. This policy announcement is a step in the right direction, but there still remains much to be done to embed environmentally friendly practices in our way of life.’

The Workers Union Sets the News Agenda…

Our organisation exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to help working people. As part of this mission, we curate the stories that matter to our members, so they stay informed and aware of major news items that affect them.

We have repeatedly shown that we are ahead of the curve in concentrating on science and tech news that has the potential to create new opportunities for our country – and with good reason.

The truth is that our working lives are set to change dramatically. In the coming decades, automation and AI will alter the face of the working landscape, as will the ambitious decarbonisation targets set by governments around the world. Working people will need a guide with insight, awareness and reach to help them navigate this brave new world and give them confidence that their interests are being represented.

That’s where we come in. We’re here for you, whatever you do and wherever you work. So for a membership organisation with its feet in the present, but its eyes on the future, join The Workers Union and get protected.

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