What Did Your Boss Give You For Christmas?

What Did Your Boss Give You For Christmas?

What Did Your Boss Give You For Christmas?

What Did Your Boss Give You For Christmas?

What Did Your Boss Give You For Christmas?

The Workers Union is asking people what their bosses have given them for Christmas.

In a statement released this morning, a spokesperson for the organisation said: ‘Christmas is usually a time when company chiefs sprinkle a bit of love amongst their staff with a festive bonus or a few presents. But with so much uncertainty around, we’re wondering whether anyone has received a bonus – or is this the age of Scrooge reborn? This question might seem like a bit of fun, and in one way it is. But there’s a deadly serious side, too. Working people are under pressure as we head into the holidays and we hope that bosses and business owners have recognised this and rewarded them for a year of hard graft in difficult circumstances.’

As part of an end of year thank you to British workers, the statement also highlighted the magnificent efforts of those in the health care sector: ‘NHS workers and frontline healthcare staff have done an amazing job in some of the most trying conditions imaginable. As Omicron takes a grip on the country, it seems likely that they will have to go to the well again. We salute them for their bravery, decency and courage, and want to assure them that their efforts have not gone unappreciated by The Workers Union or the population at large.

The Path to a Better Future

Despite the present struggles, The Workers Union believes there are good reasons to be optimistic about humanity’s capacity for positive change. Many of us, we suspect, would not relish a visit to an early 20th century dentist before modern anaesthetics were invented. Which of us would put up our hands to submit our bodies to 18th century medical science? Who would be happy to let their children toil in dangerous cotton mills for 12 hours a day or sell them into service as chimney sweeps? Are there many (any) of us that would swap the comforts of a warm office for the fire and fury of a Victorian foundry? How many of us would still be recoiling in collective horror had we been sent to be brutalised at an Edwardian boarding school?

We pull out these things not for effect, but to underline that the notion of “social progress,” – nebulous though it is – must be taken seriously. We have (at least in some parts of the world) moved to an epoch where the right to life and liberty stands a better chance of drawing breath than it has for most of human history. That in itself is something to cherish and hold on to.

The Road Ahead

Of course, social progress has occurred, but it’s continuation is not guaranteed. Injustices are still visited on working people. Bullying and intimidation are rife in the workplace, as are workplace injuries. Staff need a strong, powerful voice that understands the challenges of 21st century jobs and stands up for the people who work them.

The Workers Union is that voice. Everything we do is underpinned by the belief that our nation can choose a future that gives everyone the chance the flourish. That’s why we invest in the latest technology to fast-track our members to the help, advice and guidance that they need to fight back against bad bosses and conniving companies.So as the year draws to an end, The Workers Union will be here to help you – both now, and in the future.

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