Manchester Airport’s Potential £16.3 Billion Annual Boost to UK Economy by 2050

Manchester Airport’s Potential £16.3 Billion Annual Boost to UK Economy by 2050

Manchester Airport's Potential £16.3 Billion Annual Boost to UK Economy by 2050

Manchester Airport's Potential £16.3 Billion Annual Boost to UK Economy by 2050

Manchester Airport's Potential £16.3 Billion Annual Boost to UK Economy by 2050

A recent report has highlighted the significant economic potential Manchester Airport holds for the UK, predicting an annual contribution of £16.3 billion to the economy by 2050. This comes alongside the potential creation of 85,000 new jobs for workers, signalling a major boost for regional growth and prosperity.

Conducted by engineering consultancy Arup, the report presents a series of scenarios depicting the future of the Northern economy under varying levels of government support and growth. It outlines the possibility for Manchester Airport to establish direct flights to 50 new international cities, including Sydney, Tokyo, Montreal, Mumbai, Riyadh, San Francisco, and Cape Town. Additionally, the expansion could introduce 25 new short-haul routes, potentially elevating passenger volumes to 60 million annually, a significant leap from the current 27 million.

The anticipated growth in the airport’s operations is expected to increase its gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy from £5.7 billion to a staggering £16.3 billion. The number of UK workers could benefit from jobs the airport supports potentially doubling, from 80,000 to 165,000.

Regional political and business leaders are rallying for this vision, emphasizing the need for government investment in a high-speed rail network connecting the North. Such an infrastructure project could significantly enhance accessibility to the airport for both passengers and airport workers from key northern cities including Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Bradford, potentially bringing over 260,000 businesses within a 90-minute reach of Manchester Airport, compared to the current 70,000.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the development of a sustainable aviation fuel pipeline and production capability could generate an additional 6,500 jobs and contribute £930 million to the economy, underlining the importance of sustainable practices in aviation’s future.

Ken O’Toole, CEO of Manchester Airports Group, emphasized the critical role of government support in realizing this vision, particularly through the development of an east-west high-speed rail network. The report underlines the importance of such infrastructure in achieving a balanced national economy, with Manchester Airport playing a central role in the North’s connectivity.

The Northern Powerhouse Partnership, represented by CEO Henri Murison, also voiced support for accelerated legislative and infrastructural efforts to link the airport with major Northern cities. This aligns with broader ambitions for the Northern Powerhouse Rail, aiming to enhance regional connectivity and economic dynamism.

The report’s findings come as Manchester Airport is undergoing the final phase of a £1.3 billion transformation program, set to complete by 2025. This development is a testament to the airport’s ambition and commitment to playing a pivotal role in the UK’s economic future whilst keeping one eye on a greener future encompassing hydrogen.

As the country looks towards a more balanced and interconnected economic landscape, Manchester Airport’s envisioned expansion and the associated infrastructural developments stand as critical milestones on this journey.

The Workers Union Says…

“The findings from this report underscore the transformative potential of Manchester Airport, not just for the North but for the entire United Kingdom. As we advocate for the creation of quality jobs and sustainable economic growth, the proposed developments at Manchester Airport present a compelling case for strategic investment and support. Ensuring the realization of these plans will be pivotal in fostering regional prosperity and reinforcing the UK’s position on the global stage.

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