Aldi Raises the Bar: Offering £13.65 Per Hour and Announces Open Positions

Aldi Raises the Bar: Offering £13.65 Per Hour and Announces Open Positions

Aldi Raises the Bar Offering £13.65 Per Hour and Announces Open Positions

Aldi Raises the Bar Offering £13.65 Per Hour and Announces Open Positions

Aldi Raises the Bar Offering £13.65 Per Hour and Announces Open Positions

In a remarkable move that underscores its commitment to workforce well-being, Aldi has announced another substantial pay increase for its employees, setting a new standard in the retail sector. Starting this Saturday, June 1, Aldi workers will benefit from an unprecedented pay rise, with hourly rates reaching up to £13.65, particularly within the M25 area, marking a significant step from the previous £13.55. Nationwide, rates will see an increase from £12 to £12.40 per hour.

This adjustment is part of Aldi’s strategy to maintain its position as the “best paid British supermarket,” a title it proudly holds. This change represents the second pay rise for thousands of Aldi workers this year alone, bringing the total investment in staff remuneration to a hefty £79 million in 2023. Such consistent increases in pay not only highlight Aldi’s dedication to its team but also position it as a leader in fair employee compensation.

Aldi remains the only major UK supermarket to offer paid breaks, adding approximately £900 to the annual income of the average store worker. According to Kelly Stokes, HR Director at Aldi UK, “The rollout of our latest pay increase cements our commitment to our colleagues that we will always be the best-paying retailer.” Stokes emphasized the integral role of Aldi colleagues in the chain’s growing popularity and success across the UK.

The timing of these increases is aligned with the rates suggested by the Living Wage Foundation (LWF), which advocates for wages that meet the real cost of living—a rate significantly higher than the National Living Wage. As of October 2023, the LWF set the Real Living Wage at £12 nationwide and £13.15 in London, reflecting the necessary earnings to cover basic living costs.

In addition to boosting pay, Aldi continues its ambitious expansion across the UK, with plans to open new stores in ten specific locations, including Aldershot, Newark, and Harrogate, among others. This expansion is expected to create numerous job opportunities, reinforcing Aldi’s role as a major employer in the retail sector.

For those interested in joining the Aldi team, the supermarket is actively recruiting for various workers positions, with details available on the Aldi recruitment page. Moreover, communities wishing to host a new Aldi store can make their case via email by Friday, May 31, to [email protected].

The Workers Union Says…

“Aldi’s superb consistent investment in its UK workforce and expansion plans not only reinforce its market position but also contribute significantly to local economies. By setting such high standards in employee compensation and corporate growth, Aldi continues to lead by example in the retail industry, promising a brighter future for its employees and communities alike.”

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