Minimum Wage

Understanding the UK National Minimum Wage 2023

Ever since the National Minimum Wage Act was implemented in 1998, the minimum wage in the UK has gradually increased from £3.60 to £10.42 per hour for those aged 23 and over. Despite these increases, inflation has continuously undercut the value of these earnings, exacerbating the cost-of-living concerns across the UK in 2023.

RateOld 2022 RateNew 2023 RateIncrease By %
National Living Wage£9.50£10.429.7%
21-22 Year Old Rate£9.18£10.1810.8%
18-20 Year Old Rate£6.83£7.499.6%
16-17 Year Old Rate£4.81£5.289.7%

Workers grappling with escalating expenses and financial instability in the wake of COVID’s impact often find themselves pondering, ‘When will the minimum wage in the UK increase again?’ This query has gained more urgency with the spiralling price hikes in recent times.

The Role of The Workers Union in the Minimum Wage Debate

The Workers Union advocates for substantial increases to the UK National Minimum Wage 2023. We firmly believe that providing fair pay is crucial to preserving a cohesive society. This is not a luxury or an afterthought – it’s a fundamental principle that strengthens the bond between those who govern and those they represent.

Joining the Workers Union means becoming part of a community that strives for workers’ fair treatment. As a union unaffiliated with any political cause or collective action, we stand for individual rights, providing an accessible platform to challenge unfair pay, harassment, and workplace discrimination.

If you suspect you’re receiving less than the minimum wage in the UK, we’re here to assist.

UK National Minimum Wage 2023

Understanding the UK National Minimum Wage and Our Functioning

The Workers Union ensures quick and efficient assistance for its members. By becoming a full member and using our innovative digital dashboard technology, you can connect with our experts without delay. We are here to lend an ear and provide support without any prejudice.

What are the Costs of Joining Us?

The Workers Union offers a basic registration absolutely free of charge. If you find our organisation aligns with your interests, you can upgrade your membership for a mere 27 pence per day.

If you seek a progressive, dynamic organisation that comprehends the complexities of the 21st-century workplace, make the Workers Union your choice.”

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