A Union for Night Shift Workers

The Workers Union is a diverse community, accommodating various occupations and working conditions. In particular, night workers often face unique challenges that require specialized support and resources. Whether you are a night shift worker, require a night worker health assessment, or serve as a night support worker, The Workers Union offers you tailored support solutions for a harmonious and productive work environment.

What Are Night Workers?

Night workers are individuals whose work hours predominantly occur during the night. While the exact time frame can differ depending on the industry and country’s labour laws, night workers generally work between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM.

Who Qualifies as a Night Worker?

Night Shift Workers

Night shift workers include those in the healthcare industry, such as nurses and medical technicians, as well as those in manufacturing, logistics, and hospitality.

Night Support Worker

Night support workers assist people who require specialized care or supervision during nighttime hours. Examples include caretakers in assisted living facilities and workers in emergency homeless shelters.

Working at Night in Other Professions

Some occupations require working at night on an irregular basis, such as vehicle manufacturing or utility workers repairing essential services.

What Are Night Workers

Importance of Night Worker Health Assessment


Regular health assessments are crucial for night workers due to the different physiological impacts of working during non-traditional hours. Night worker health assessments aim to monitor and advise on conditions such as sleep disorders, stress, and nutritional imbalances that are commonly faced by night shift workers.

How The Workers Union Can Help

We offer comprehensive resources, support, and advisory services designed to meet the unique needs of those working at night. From legal advice to industry news, we have experts to guide you through every step, ensuring you are both productive at work and healthy in life.


Night workers form an essential part of the workforce, often operating behind the scenes to keep society running smoothly. The Workers Union is committed to supporting these hard-working individuals, ensuring they receive the specialized resources and assistance they deserve.

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