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The construction industry is notoriously challenging. It’s not just a matter of finding steady employment or making enough money to support a family; it’s also about staying safe and secure on the job and having fair wages that don’t keep sliding downward year after year. That’s where The Workers Union comes in. We understand the role that carpenters play in developing and maintaining the country’s domestic and commercial buildings. We are committed to supporting your rights – whether you work for yourself or work for a building services company.

Benefits of Joining a Carpenter’s Union

When you join a carpenters’ and joiners’ union, you get many benefits that will help you succeed on the job and in your career. The most important benefits include better job security, stable wages, better hours of work (fewer hours), and help with grievance procedures if your employer does something that makes you feel uncomfortable. In addition to the benefits listed above, a union will also help you navigate the tricky world of employment law and regulations. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re allowed to do on the job, what you’re not allowed to do, and what you should expect from your employer.

Problems Facing Domestic and Industrial Carpenters in the UK

One of the biggest challenges facing UK carpenters is low wages. Compared to the construction industry overall, wages in the UK carpentry sector are extremely low. The average carpentry salary in the UK is around £31,000 per year – significantly lower than the average salary in the construction industry. The second major issue is the lack of skilled workers. The government has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at increasing apprenticeships in the construction sector. Unfortunately, these initiatives are unlikely to have a major impact for some time.

Carpenters and Joiners

The State Of The Carpentry Profession In The UK

The UK’s construction sector has experienced relative decline over the past 12 months. There are a few factors impacting growth: First off, there is the ongoing Brexit effect. While the UK is expected to regain economic strength in the coming years, it will take time for the construction sector to recover and adapt. Additionally, the UK’s ageing population and infrastructure needs are placing a significant strain on the country’s resources. Finally, high borrowing costs and the economic slowdown have affected civil projects and the housing sector. Therefore, while the construction sector will see some growth in the coming years, it’s likely to take time to build up to pre-pandemic levels.

Clear Communication is Key

What happens a lot in the construction industry is that there is a misunderstanding between the bosses and the workers. In order to clear up any confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page, it’s important for the bosses to understand what’s expected of them according to the regulations. At the same time, it’s important for the workers to understand what’s expected of them according to their job duties and regulations. When there is clear communication between the two parties, everything is fine. However, when there are misunderstandings, things can turn ugly very quickly. Carpenters and joiners in UK sectors dominated by contractors are particularly vulnerable, and are likely to benefit significantly from joining an organisation like The Workers Union.

Stronger Job Security

The Workers Union will fight for stronger job security for carpenters. Why does this matter? Well, if you’re a carpenter, you’re going to work on a construction site. Construction sites are dangerous places. They’re full of hazards like sharp objects, chemicals, and heavy machinery. That’s why it’s important for the bosses to have a clear and concise safety policy. But there are still numerous examples of skilled tradespeople leaving the profession thanks to serious accidents and breaches of Health and Safety policy.


If you’re a carpenter looking for a stable income and fair wages, then the The Workers Union has you covered. We are a truly modern, forward thinking organisation that puts power back in the hands of working people. So to fight back against bad bosses, bullying, harassment, unfair dismissal and unfair treatment, join The Workers Union today.

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