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Taxi drivers provide an essential service. They fill in gaps in public transport provision, they answer the ‘who’s going to drive?’ questions that dog every night out and they give those without vehicles freedom and mobility.

What Makes Us Different?

When you join us, you’ll become part of an organisation that values every member for the individual contributions they make to the success of this country. We focus on you and your challenges – not distant political battles with people who don’t understand what you are going through.

We can do this because we unite taxi education with legal expertise to help you access the advice you need – fast. We’re not interested in passing you around a call centre or forcing you to talk to union reps. The Workers Union gets you where you want to go without fuss or interruption.

Our dedicated news service also covers important taxi news, so you can be sure that whatever we do reflects a deep commitment to supporting you and your rights at work.

To see what The Workers Union can do for you, visit our why join page and begin your journey with us.

Taxi Drivers

Yet they are often overlooked in the battle to maintain workers’ rights.

Many taxi drivers are self-employed. They face challenges ranging from high running costs to unsympathetic councils closing routes to taxis while allowing bus companies a free pass. Meanwhile drivers working for taxi companies find themselves the victims of unscrupulous bosses, many of whom are prepared to cut their employees’ pay at the same time as increasing their workloads.

This cannot be right.

The Workers Union understands the challenges that professional drivers face every day. We know that COVID has had a devastating impact on the taxi industry. We know that violence, intimidation, and theft are daily risks – and we stand with union taxi members and non-members alike in their battle to secure better pay and working conditions.

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