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As a service provider for the energy and utilities sector your role is vitally important in keeping services switched on. Gas engineers and ground workers are equally as important. Water providers work hard ensuring the water that comes out of a consumers tap is fit for consumption. Other utilities include broadband, TV and telephone services.

Workers Union Supports Energy and Utilities Workers

We have strong links with the utilities sector in the UK. The energy and utilities sector makes up around a quarter of the workforce in the UK. The sector has significant investment and is also home to a number of well-known brands. Energy and utilities members of The Workers Union have increased in recent years. The environment. A key priority for the energy and utilities sector is climate change mitigation. The sector has a strong climate change plan and is actively working to reduce carbon emissions. It is also building and managing new renewable energy resources to meet future demand and promote energy efficiency.

Union Supports Energy and Utilities Workers

Energy And Utilities Sector Workers

The energy and utilities sector in the UK is a key employer in areas such as energy and energy efficiency. It employs around 36,000 people and is responsible for generating around 16% of UK electricity. It also produces around 12% of natural gas and around 3% of hydropower. The energy and utilities sector was the 20th largest employer in the UK in 2016.

Union Commitment To Energy Efficiency Workers

The National Grid was the first utility in the world to fully commit to energy efficiency. The sector has been a key player in the fight against climate change for decades. It is also a key player in the transition to a sustainable energy model. The sector has been a long-standing member of the Climate resilient UK scheme which aims to advance the climate change goals of the Paris Agreement. It comprises around 10,000 workers and is also a key employer in the UK.

Energy Efficiency

The British Capital Region currently produces around 16% of all electricity from clean energy sources and has the largest solar PV system in the UK. In order to continue to produce such amounts of electricity and to capture as much of the rapidly increasing market share of solar, this sector needs to do more. The British Capital Region has set a goal of achieving energy efficiency in all areas of the region. It is also looking towards achieving energy efficiency in transportation, supply chains and water services.

Drilling, Oil And Gas Workers

Drilling for oil and gas is another major source of electricity in the UK. The industry has been a key player in the British energy supply chain for many years. It is also a key player in the Paris Agreement on climate change and the region has come a long way in fighting climate change. The oil and gas industry is also a key player in the offshore gas industry. This is a new sector for the UK and it has received a great deal of attention in the recent years. It consists of about 8,000 workers. Not all of these workers are part of a union. This is where The Workers Union can offer assistance to each and every individual worker as and when required. The industry has also several energy recovery activities. These involve the recovery and/or removal of fossil fuels from the ground and water.

Water And Power Workers

This is the backbone of the UK electricity supply. Water is limited in quantity but is incredibly valuable. The water sector has seen a rapid transformation in the last decade with the introduction of renewable energy and water purification technologies. It has also seen significant investment in energy efficiency, water treatment and energy storage. These have been accompanied by an increased focus on the development of new renewable energy technologies.

Renewables And Biomass Workers

The renewable and biomass industries are closely related. Renewables make up around one-quarter of the UK’s energy production and biomass make up around a third. These are important sources of energy and provide important carbon emissions. The renewable and biomass industries also have significant investment and employment opportunities and is a fantastic opportunity for UK workers to enter this growing and important sector. The Workers Union has members from these sectors and is increasing its strong membership base year upon year.

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